Become a Hostess

We are flattered that you would consider hosting our line! When we created Willow, we had no idea how much we would LOVE getting to know our precious hostesses. Being a hostess is so much fun and an easy way to dress your children for free!


A few FAQ's: 

What do I need to do to be a hostess? 

To be a hostess for Willow, you simply need to have a great network of friends/family/neighbors/co-workers/preschool moms/college friends, etc. who are familiar with trunk show lines and also familiar with our styles and prices. If you feel like "That's me!", then send us a message and we will add you to our hostess list!

What do I earn by hosting? 

Free clothes! We offer a percentage of your total sales in credit towards your own order. We also offer bonuses based on how much you sell. As a hostess, you also are the first to receive sneak peaks of our line. We also LOVE our hostess feedback and definitely take that into consideration when designing the next season!

What do I need to do to make sure my show is successful?

Be creative! Most (if not all) of our hostesses have private social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) where they begin marketing their show weeks before they actually receive the trunk. The key to a successful trunk is making it fun, having plenty of shop time options for your customers, and also having a good eye for fabric pairings, styles, etc. Many people host "sip & shop" nights with huge success- who doesn't want to sip with their friends and shop? Make it fun and make it well known. You can also FaceTime with your out of town friends, host a "live" video show, etc.